This is it, my erratic effort to start writing (once again) that is if i had ever done so in the first place. Pardon my manners, although i don’t care anyways. I should introduce myself now to fulfill the obligations of courtesy. I am Oyajumo (Obawole) Ebenezer Seun, the name in brackets is my second surname, though i think you also don’t care either ways. Apart from my birth names as stated, i have other names brought about by various circumstances which predisposes me to put this piece down. You see in nursery school, i was called Akorin meaning the singer cos when asked what we did i always replied with Akorin(we sang). Some insensitive elders with no care if I’d be embarrassed still call me that till date. In junior secondary school, i was known as Akerekoro,you should understand the meaning already if u are Yoruba, but for the benefit of my Nna mehn- it means small n (bitter literally) mighty when taken in its proper context. In Senior secondary school days, i was called Atom for no other reason than my extreme smallness, i always got asked which primary class i was in 😦 University was the worst ever,the first n benign one was Babylaw which i got immediately on admission as the runt of the whole school. Imagine this, i was exhibited at the Matriculation as the SMALLEST (note: not youngest) admitted student 😦 Babylaw got per mutated n combined over the years into Babylawyer, Small(est) lawyer. The one i personally detest (given to me by a dude with a stabilizer shaped head who stayed on my hostel floor) was Roterio Jaska shortened to RJ (by @Iynoble) or Jaska, till today no one knows what the fuck it means. As if all the above wasn’t enough, i added another to the plethora of nicknames in my extra year in the University, this dumb nut @thommie08 with @2mizeen n i myself were having a conversation when the fucker said since i was graduating soon, i should have progressed from a baby to an infant, n the shit stuck like Superglue, that’s how i came to be known as InfantLaw. Silly me, in an attempt to act unfazed by that fucking mockery called a nickname, adopted it as my Twitter and BBM handle , how I wish I hadn’t. I got to Law School and as d person I am, started making friends n getting BBM contacts, at first nobody really cared until I met @hadhebollah(Jumoke), she forced my change of heart. In the midst of so many people, she never hesitated to call me out loud from a distance, i can’t remember her ever calling me Seun. To make matters worse, she will be screaming “INFANT” from meters away. I got so rahhhhhhhhh that i changed my twitter handle n BBM name within a week but that didn’t stop her from calling me “INFANT” and she actually made the moniker into an identifier for me. Most of my friends in Nigerian Law School Lagos Campus know me only as “INFANT” Some few months after I changed my BBM name n twitter handle to curb the spread of “INFANT” , i was fiddling with a female friend (read a crush’s) tablet when I found out she actually saved my phone number as InfantLaw. There and then, i lost all hope of that name ever fading away. Recently when the Bar Final results came out, I got a call and the first thing I heard was “INFANNNNT”

The End
I miss you all, Jumoke, Akan@akanoid, Dr Bay, Bolanle@mystiq619, Wunmi, Titi, Kaka, Nosa@cgbennu, Tokoni Douglas, Eloka, Man Perez, Elo Ortwokey, Deji@dejiolunlade,Jiddah, Najah,Ayobowale@aybnatter, Sheyi Girl, Joy, Joy Dickson, Goke @GeeBaba, Busola, Deji Akogun Googu, Tolani@madtlawyer,Femi@DisFemiSef, Shola Taylor, Shola, IK, Ibrahim;Emma,Digbolo, Tyler, Joshua, Akeem, Lekan, Kewe,Rukky, Otobong,Martha, Ubere, Nkiru,Seun Girl(Mary), Vengak,Chika,Mandela,Victor,Tope Guy, Mohammed@aliuamin, Rossi,Morenike,Wura,Doyin@doyin_ogunye, Sophia, Sandra,Jamila@Jaymillicious212,Peter@peteypablo, Sheyi@Sheyi_, Sheyi(the singer), Joe, Ehi n Emma, Bro Mustafah, Olumide, Adetoro, Michael Anyanwu, Obinna, Mature, Saraki, Farouk,Uche, Bro Andrew, Endie, Sunshine, Mr Razak, Emeka, Jonathan, the creepy guy in 218, Ola, OD, Alex, Toyin, Yoori, Afolabi, Kema, Asmau, Habibah, Seunshow, Anwuli, Maryam, Mary, Tope Makun

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